Protesters waving Palestinian flags on the roof. Pic: London Palestine Action
Police in a cherrypicker trying to talk to the protesters. Pic: London Palestine Action
Police are trying to talk protesters off the roof of a business in Lichfield. Members of the London Palestine Action Group have set up camp on top of the UAV Engines factory in Shenstone. The group say the company makes engines for Israeli drones. They have erected a banner saying ‘UK: Stop Arming Israel’ and are waving Palestinian flags. On their Twitter account, the group said there were nine members on the rooftop – and warned they were not intending to leave soon.
Protesters waving Palestinian flags on the roof. Pic: London Palestine Action
“By allowing this factory to export drone components to Israel, the UK Government is providing direct support and approval to Israel’s massacres,” the group said. “We demand the permanent closure of the factory and an end to all forms of military trade and co-operation with Israel.” The protesters have also posted pictures of themselves padlocked to the roof structure.


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10 replies on “Pro-Palestine protesters occupy roof of Shenstone factory”

  1. I endorse and praise the courage of these witnesses against the provision of drones to Israel. Such weaponry should not exist and our government needs to stop providing Israel with the means of terrorising innocent people. I stand firmly on the side of the people of Gaza.

  2. Few questions, although I can’t imagine the police are going to come on here and answer.

    Why does the road need to be closed? The factory is clearly set back behind a fence and a private car park. The police seem to be very eager to close roads for these types of incidents.

    Secondly, I support these protesters. We’re constantly told that democracy is the way to change things, but we’re never canvassed for our opinion about decisions taken in our name. For example David Cameron’s public opinion about the Gaza conflict has been fairly muted, whereas if you took a straw poll of Twitter opinion, there’s an awful lot of condemnation for Israel’s actions.

    As long as these people do not hurt anyone in their actions then I support these sorts of protests to raise awareness of dreadful situations around the world.

    Sadly, I’m sure there will be a blanket arrest policy, rather than anyone taking the time to listen to their concerns, like our pointless MP, who can do nothing but defend Israel, yet roundly ignores questions about the killing of children.

  3. What about all the innocent business that can not open because of this and are losing money when times are already tough. Staff can not work and earn money. If they want to protest fair enough but think about honest people trying to earn a living

  4. Uk , usa doesnt want freedom for palastinians so they fully support the genocide against innocent palastinians by sponsoring zionist terrorism ….. well done to these people for standing up for truth and lets get our government in control , they will be bombing us with these very drones .. weapons of mass destruction is what the uk creates .

  5. I’m sick of these protesters those drones are used by UK forces in Afghanistan to help protect British soldiers its about time the sandal wearing middle class liberals who know nothing shut up commenting on things they know nothing about and stick to worrying wether they will have enough youhut for the weekend

  6. British forces shouldnt have set foot in afghan or iraq, and they fighting some goat herding afghan with drones we have to pay for !! No wonder this country is in mess. Tony liar conned us all simple …..

  7. Martyn’s dead right. The cops have got some explaining to do closing that road.

    As for the protestors on the roof – top stuff, quality piece of direct action.

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