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Conservatives at Burntwood Town Council have criticised their Labour predecessors for wasting money on a contract for social media updates. Both parties have been at loggerheads over the decision to approve new civic chains for the chairman’s consort at the local authority.
Cllr Richard Mosson
But Cllr Richard Mosson, leader of Conservative-controlled Burntwood Town Council, says Labour were responsible for “wasting money” on a ‘Social Media Management Package’. He said: “I asked our town clerk to break down how much the previous Labour group wasted by contractig out something as simple as the council’s social media updates. “The contract began when the website launched in January 2015. The package was paid monthly at £595 plus VAT. “The contract was cancelled by the current controlling group with effect from June 30 and officers now administer both the Twitter and Facebook accounts in-house. “The previous Labour group wasted almost £3,000 since January 2015 – fortunately we stopped this almost straight away after being elected. “And yet it’s the Conservatives accused of wasting money?” Labour councillor Sue Woodward had previously accused the Tories of funding a “vanity project” with the new civic chains. But Cllr Mosson insisted the cancellation of the social media contract showed Conservative control had saved money. “Had Labour been re-elected last May, they would have wasted a further £4165 taking us to the end of January 2016. “Our social media updates are done in-house by officers, who have even added a chairman’s blog to the Burntwood Town Council Website, therefore clearly capable of looking after the council’s social media interests. “The Labour group in Burntwood are out of touch and out of date as far as I am concerned, their latest ridiculous statement regarding the consort’s badge clearly proves this.”
Cllr Diane Evans
But Cllr Di Evans, the former Labour leader of Burntwood Town Council, claimed the Conservatives had backed the plans when they were in opposition. “We were told by the clerk that there was no in-house capacity to do social media and pull info together,” she said. “The Tories in opposition supported the contract completely. “Then suddenly after May, the controlling group ended the contract and said it could be done in-house. The clerk was asked why there was no capacity last year then suddenly capacity this year – she said she didn’t know!”


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