A cyclist is in a critical condition after a crash near Lichfield.

The 42-year-old man from Rugeley was with a group of 30-40 riders travelling in the A513 between Alrewas and Kings Bromley when the incident happened at 6.30pm yesterday (June 20).

He received serious head injuries and was taken to the Royal Stoke University Hospital by air ambulance.

Witnesses are asked to contact Staffordshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 758 of 20 June.

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  1. Whilst I hope the person involved makes a speedy & full recovery isn’t it about time the Law / Highway Code is updated ? As a frequent user of this road , coming across a group of 40 cyclists 3-4 abreast stretching the length of 2 lorry lengths is a nightmare and asking for trouble…. surely a group of a dozen cyclists maximum would be more sensible and safe for motorists to pass.

  2. 3-4 abreast? Seriously? Riding 4 abreast, would take up at least one lane and probably be spilling over into the oncoming lane. You are talking nonsense.

    A large group is usually from a club and comprises experienced cyclists. Riding two abreast is proven safer than riding single file.

    How about you take you car driving head out of your rear end and place the blame where it should be? A group that big would clearly be very visible, but I’ll await more details before passing further judgement. Perhaps you should do that too?

  3. The problem is the misinformation. Cyclists feel vulnerable on the roads and I agree with them, our road network is very poorly designed does not serve to protect cyclist – try cycling from Wall Island roundabout to Fradley, if you want to shave years off your life!

    That said, the Highway Code does not ‘encourage’ cyclists to ride side by side, no matter what Chris Broadman says:


    Firstly, the Highway Code is not law (although the usual disclaimer that contraventions of the code may constitute an offence under the Road Traffic Act) and secondly it actually says:

    “You must not:
    – Ride more than two abreast”

    Highway Code ~ 66

    That’s hardly an encouragement.

    The BCF should stop trying to play victim cards constantly when something dreadful happens, yes driving standards are poor and we desperately need more police, but telling your members they’re entitled to take up a whole lane then bemoaning when someone is seriously injured is an absurd policy.

  4. @Darryl

    Rule 66 says “You *should* […] never ride more than two abreast” — an important distinction in the Highway Code between MUST and SHOULD, as I’m sure you know.

    Also, regardless of the inconvenience, if it is not safe to pass, do not attempt to do so. Motor vehicles do not have a right to make progress whatever the consequences.

    Having said all that, of course, we now know that no motor vehicle was involved, and it was a crash between two of the bikes in the group.

  5. @Darryl
    If you cycle from Wall Island down the A5 and then the A38, you must want your head examined!

    But where has Boardman said that cyclists should take up a whole lane? Not only that, but the width of a ‘lane’ varies massively, so it would be a meaningless thing to say.

    My response was to the original poster, stating that there are massive groups of cyclists riding 4 abreast, which is plainly not true.

    He said it to encourage yet more anti-cycling sentiment amongst the minority of car drivers that believe they own the roads and drive accordingly.

  6. Nico
    I’d happily show you cyclists riding in this manor any weekend at the moment A515 , A513 , and adjoining roads .
    Cycling in large groups is dangerous… both to themselves and other road users ….End of

  7. I cycle and I also drive. It astounds me how impatient people get behind me in my car when I am waiting for a SAFE opportunity to give a cyclist room when I overtake them. However this was one of those times where a motor vehicle was not involved. Accidents happen and I would hazard a guess someone was trying to avoid a pothole (Don’t get me started on that issue) and knocked into another cyclist.

  8. @Nico

    He didn’t he said “people should ride two abreast, it’s safer,” the message is distorted, search The Guardian website for how this message, pre-Boardman, has been misconstrued, with the safety of cyclist at stake.

    I’m on the side of cyclists, hell I’m on the side of the pedestrian. We live on Birmingham Road in Wallsall and the speed and driving on display is appalling, yet there are not enough police to stamp down on this behaviour. In my opinion, the BCF would do better to have a softer, less dangerous, protest by asking its members to cycle on pavements and contesting prosecutions, if they happen, in the courts.

  9. They were only riding 2 a breast and the group was of around 18 not stated 30-40 and even on other feed 50? I have seen the footage of the crash from another cyclists saddle and they were doing nothing wrong and clearly on their side of the road with space for other cars to pass them, this was an unfortunately accident, please have some respect for the man who is fighting for his life and his family xx

  10. Still we have ‘Kev’ insisting ‘cycling in large groups is dangerous’. It’s only dangerous to the likes of you who believe roads are for cars and make up stories about cyclists riding 4 abreast.

    I wish a full and speedy recovery to the man involved.

  11. As a regular cyclist that uses his bike to get around town and for short distance transport with the odd ride out into the countryside my regards to the family of the injured man, I hope that he makes a full recovery.
    Disturbing comments about cyclists though: “coming across a group of 40 cyclists 3-4 abreast stretching the length of 2 lorry lengths is a nightmare and asking for trouble….”
    Would the drivers of two tractors with trailers full of crop be asking for trouble? Would the group of Horse Riders out training to ride on the roads be asking for trouble?
    No, they are all legal road users, and expect the same from other drivers using the road, so it comes down to attitude, when I see a cyclist I look in the mirror, and indicate well before I come up behind them, I move closer to the central line alerting oncoming traffic that may not have seen the cyclist on my side of the road that I am overtaking, most motorists will alter their road position, and when safe and while holding a bit of distance from the rear of the cyclist overtake, giving them plenty of distance.
    Chris Froome 3 times Tour de France winner was knocked off his bike by a van driver using his vehicle as a weapon, you wouldn’t stab somebody in the street to get somewhere 20 seconds faster, so why use your car like a knife?

    Next time you see a cyclist on the road I can almost guarantee that the car will not be indicating to overtake, and they will be sat right on the back wheel of the cyclist, my 11 year old daughter has turned this into a game, on average only 1 in 15 local drivers use their indicators when overtaking cyclists, which frankly is appalling, lazy and in my own opinion dangerous.

  12. I’d say the drivers of two tractors with trailers full of crop would be doing something called working.
    As for horse riders, I’ve never seen a group of more than three from the riding school near me so they never cause anyone a problem.

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