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People in Lichfield and Burntwood have been urged to play their part in helping to ensure a £2.2million boost to pothole repairs is well spent. Staffordshire County Council has received the additional cash from the Government to help tackle the rise in potholes following the recent spell of freezing weather. But Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said it was important residents kept the council aware of where roads were worst affected.
Michael Fabricant
“The Government has awarded an extra £2.2million to Staffordshire to repair roads damaged by prolonged freezing weather – this is on top of the extra £5 million already allocated by the county,” the Conservative MP said. “But it is essential that Staffordshire Highways and Transport know where all the potholes are. “I urge people to download the myStaffs app. Used in conjunction with a phone’s camera and GPS, it can automatically send a picture of the pothole to Staffordshire Highways with an accurate location. “Local people need to let the County know where these potholes are as there are thousands of miles of roads and lanes in the county and officials can’t be expected to know the state of them all at once as the tarmac conditions constantly change.” More bad weather is expected over Easter and Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet support member for highways and transport, said it was essential highways were repaired wherever possible. “Good roads are important not only for getting us from A to B, but for continuing to grow a strong economy,” she said. “In Staffordshire, we will have invested an extra £10million over two years both in tackling potholes and in preventative treatment to help stop them occurring in the first place. Last year this allowed us to fix around, 35,000 potholes compared to 20,000 in a typical year. “However, with a county the size of Staffordshire this is always going to be a challenge and the prolonged ice and even snow in March has created even more potholes, so I am pleased that the Government has recognised the impact of the recent severe weather by announcing this extra funding.”


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2 replies on “Residents in Lichfield and Burntwood urged to help pinpoint potholes as Government confirms extra £2.2million of funding”

  1. Perhaps the County Council should look at the records of Burntwood residents constant complaints backed up with evidence. I would also like to point out that the so called extra funding is far less than government and County Council have reduced budgets by previously

  2. Money pitholes not potholes. Some 4 months ago, growing potholes were repaired in Wissage Road near to Brownsfield Road in Lichfield. Just 5 weeks later a larger crew were back out repairing the same said main hole as it had broken up again. This week a heavily motorised crew were out, this time with a road closure, doing it again and yet they left a series of ugly potholes within a few feet of the same road at its junction with Rocklands Cresent?.
    “Patch and make do where the complaint is loud” policy comes to mind. Quality of materials, labour and original assessment has to be questioned and at what cost? The workforce will just keep taking the wages and pray this endless activity continues.
    Asking the public to do the work of an impartial temporary road inspector is a poor response to such a massive problem. I see plenty of council vehicles roaming the streets visiting all public areas, parking up in quiet spots with staff well capable of making reports or participating in a directed survey of all the roads of this small city.
    Not so long ago there was a police officer who used to visit every road, street and cul-de-sac in Lichfield on his night shift as routine when things were quiet. If that could be done over a night shift then why can’t a qualified official do it in a few days and file a report? Leaving this issue for the public to report on will not give a true assessment of the extent of the damage prevalent in this district. Mr F will no doubt be conscious that not all residents or road users of Lichfield want to make a complaint, but prefer the local authorities to consider due diligence instead. Like other places in the UK compensation demands are rising and solicitors are catching on.

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