Michael Fabricant MP

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Lichfield’s MP has moved to clarify the significance of a flag he has been pictured standing in front of. There has been criticism on social media after a still from a video in which Michael Fabricant appeared showed what appeared to be a South African flag dating back to the apartheid era. But the Conservative MP said the items were merely references to his former work in the broadcasting industry. “I have flags of some of the countries where I set up radio stations,” he said. “One was the SABC and the other flag next to it is the old communist USSR flag as another client was Radio Moscow World Service. “


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2 replies on “Lichfield MP says controversial flag is linked to previous work in the radio industry”

  1. That whole exchange with C4 sums him up. Very robust explanation laced with a large dose of sarcasm. He’s challenged on a few points and issues a flimsy denial. He’s then presented with a few facts and some statements he’s made on the record and says people can’t expect him to remember accurate dates and pieces of information. If he’d added the words “fake news” at any point the transformation into Trump would have been complete.

  2. What do you expect from a man who insults the Mayor of London with a racist Tweet, worships Trump and wants to turn this country into the 51st State!

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