Richard Winterton, with St Mary's board of trustees vice-chair Louise Fleming and chairman Nick Sedgwick

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A Lichfield family which has been auctioneering in the city for seven generations has announced a long-term partnership with St Mary’s in the Market Square.

The “perfect” collaboration between Richard Winterton Auctioneers and The Guild Of St Mary’s – a registered charity – blends heritage, culture, education and entertainment, reflecting the ethos of both organisations slap bang in the beating heart of Lichfield city centre.

Richard Winterton, with St Mary’s board of trustees vice-chair Louise Fleming and chairman Nick Sedgwick

St Mary’s reopened at the end of last year following a £1.4million transformation which saw the Grade II* listed building incorporate Lichfield Library.

Richard Winterton Auctioneers will be showcasing a variety of fine art and other interesting objects in the upper floor exhibition space, contributing to themed displays and joint events.

A raft of free valuation events and special auctions are also in the pipeline.

Nick Sedgwick, chairman of St Mary’s trustees, said: “We are delighted with the arrangements, which will bring another strand to the offering within St Mary’s.

“Having the changing exhibition of articles for the fine arts sales will bring a new audience into the building and planned joint events will complement our core attractions.

“Soon the Silver Treasury will be open and our Photographic Archive will be available to view in the History Access Point.

“We have many events planned over the coming months, some jointly with Lichfield Library.

“We are recruiting volunteers to join us to – please contact us through the website. We have already held successful events in the performance space and lots more is planned in 2019.”

Full details of events at the venue are online at”

Richard Winterton said: “It is an absolutely perfect fit for us.

“The new look St Mary’s is just stunning – the moment I saw the redevelopment I was utterly captivated.

“It is a lovely space and we are proud and privileged to be a part of it.

“St Mary’s is a quintessential example of moving with the times to improve things for all while still retaining an absolute commitment to Lichfield. It perfectly echoes our ethos.

“We have more exciting plans for Lichfield which we’ll be announcing very soon.”

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3 replies on “Lichfield family business launches partnership with St Mary’s in the Market Square”

  1. This wasn’t written by a “volunteer”. Alex Keller is “Head of Media and Relations at Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd”, a role for which he is presumably remunerated. This is a simple cut and paste of the press release he’s written for his bosses at Wintertons (

    Is this a paid post? Are other businesses to be allowed to write their own “articles”? Where does this leave Lichfield Live as an independent source of local news?

  2. Hi Ken,

    To allay your fears, Alex contributes the articles via his position with Richard Winterton Auctioneer. Content is edited by myself or other members of the team where necessary.

    This content gathering process is no different to most organisations, although the difference is that we flag up that it is written by someone who is not one of the team here (hence Alex’s byline). In the main, newspapers and some outlets online will carry out the editorial checks we do and then publish under their byline. We’ve made a conscientious decision to do this. The volunteer line is a standard approach on the page. Every article on the site will have been looked at by volunteers here before publishing – no-one can publish without us seeing content first. Alex is an experienced journalist who has worked on the Lichfield Mercury prior to his time with us, so therefore his writing style is often more in tune to the style we opt for so his words may not need massive changes in the way that other submissions might. Although I’m sure he would be among the first to recognise that we do take some of the more promotional words out that he might include.

    All businesses, organisations and individuals are entitled to send through content they think is newsworthy (and many, many do) – we then make the judgement and edit for tone and style. Given we are a voluntary organisation and have been for the past decade, we could not survive or offer the levels of content we do without submissions of ideas and material. Taking such material and tweaking it for our use allows us to dedicate time to other articles that do require greater resourcing (such as examining council agendas and reports).

    On your final point, we do not accept paid posts and have never done so. I have in fact written separately to this with my professional hat on about why link-leeching and paid posts are not something I agree with. If we did (and as I say, we don’t) take such posts then they would be clearly marked as such, in the same way advertorials are in print publications.

    Hope this clarifies the situation.

  3. Whoa there nelly! Nobody noticed whats going on here? £1.2 million of our public money went into restoring a church so that it could be used as a library, that had nick sedgewick a former conservative electoral campaigner as st marys business director prior to its resurection, now he is getting his buddies in to use it in effect as a shop window and business opportunity, just as the paint has finished drying on the whole project.
    They have sold off the family silver with the Friary library building and used the proceeds to provide a shiney shop window for their tory buddies as a retail space on the cheap, to be manned by “volunteers”.
    This is exactly why Lichfield is racing to the bottom at the moment, courtesy of tory greed.

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