EXCLUSIVE: Lichfield District Council is to get a new leader for the first time in ten years after a vote by Conservative councillors.

Cllr Doug Pullen

The Tory group have ditched long-term leader Cllr Mike Wilcox in favour of Cllr Doug Pullen.

The Conservatives made their decision to end the decade-long reign in a ballot at their annual general meeting tonight (9th May).

The meeting also saw the election of Cllr Iain Eadie as Deputy Leader after the previous deputy Ian Pritchard retired from council.

Both Cllr Pullen and Cllr Eadie will be confirmed as Leader and Deputy Leader of the council at a meeting on 21st May.

Cllr Pullen, who has previously been leader of Burntwood Town Council, said he was committed to ensuring the local authority represented all residents.

He said: “I look forward to working for everyone in the district, and with the new representatives from all political parties and independents.

“We have a lot to do, and I am excited by the challenges ahead.”


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10 replies on “All change at Lichfield District Council after Conservatives vote for new leader”

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  1. Oh Christ. Will the last person to leave Lichfield please turn the light off? Councillor Eadie lost his seat in the recent election so gets the deputy leader job..!

    You can’t make this crap up!

  2. Wilf – what I meant was that Eadie didn’t win the most votes in the constituency he stood for. His colleague did.

  3. Perfecto!! Wilcox gone and a younger generation in charge. Let’s hope Cllr Pullen can resolve the problem known as LDC. Good luck sir. Not sure about Eadie though.

    To Wilcox, thank you for 10 years draining Lichfield of resources, getting into bed with developers, failing to deliver Friarsgate and costing the City £10m at least, opaqueness when governing, shameful decision-making, forgetting the infrastructure of the city whilst expanding housing and leaving a bomb site in the middle of the city. Well done, mate.

  4. Delighted that Cllr Pullen has the reigns of LDC now. This young man has integrity, is dynamic and honest. Look through the pages of Lichfield Live. He’s stuck his neck out to do the right thing, he’s raised money for charities, boxing, walking in high heels even! He’s successful, smart, educated, young, and ask him what QFHAG stands for… Good luck Doug, a lot is resting on your shoulders.

  5. One week off Council and it all changes! Take me back.
    Congratulations Doug and Iain and best of luck for the 4 years!

  6. Good news that the tumour that is – Wilcox has finally been disposed of. Let’s hope the new one fares a little better but, let’s be honest, he’d have to try extremely hard to do any worse.

  7. Good to see someone fresh and younger taking a lead role at LDC, why is Wilcox still being employed by LDC? If anyone else was to lead a project for a company and it delivered nothing but cost 10 million pounds, firstly they would be sacked, and secondly no one would employee them again involving project management. I agree with other comments that he operates and forwards opaqueness within the circles he controls. Get rid of him!

  8. After the disgrace regarding the Planning fiasco regarding Deans Slade, and letting The Lichfield and Hatherton Canal trust down by not making a bridge over Claypit Lane a conditionn of that planning permission under your leadership Mr Wilcox.

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