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Lichfield District Council says it will review its street trading fees after a backlash from organisers of events in the city.

The Lichfield Food Festival and the Lichfield Bower have both been forced to hold last minute make-or-break talks with the local authority in recent months in order to ensure their events went ahead as planned.

The company behind Lichfield Grub Club has also warned the future of its popular night could be in doubt if the council does not shift on the new fees policy.

The council says new street trading fees were introduced in a bid to help meet the cost of dealing with festivals in the city.

But Cllr Angela Lax, Cabinet member for legal and regulatory services, confirmed that the issue was now under review.

“Our ambition is to be renowned as a festival city, and we are extremely supportive of the events staged by a range of independent event organisers across our city and district,” she said.

“In recent years our events calendar has grown, with many more street traders coming to the city. Part of our role is to deliver vital checks on traders at events to make sure they have the right safety procedures and insurances in place, among other things.

“This is a time consuming and costly activity, requiring significant officer input from across the council. This year we introduced a new subsidised street trading fee for special events, to help us fund some of these extra costs.

“Having listened to local event organisers, we recognise that the fee and the timing of its introduction has caused some issues.

“As such, we are carrying out a review this summer to ensure we support local events, while continuing our essential work to support safe and well managed events.”

Cllr Lax said she hoped the review would allow the city to continue to build on its reputation.

“I would like to thank all event organisers for their feedback,” she said.

“I am hopeful we will be able to introduce a solution that sees Lichfield’s events scene continue to flourish and grow.”


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6 replies on “Council confirms review of Lichfield street trading fees after backlash from festival organisers”

  1. Does this mean that there was no fee previously?
    I participate and enjoy these festivals that Lichfield has and think Lichfield benefits from them. As a local tax payer I don’t mind contributing. Surely traders should also bare some financial burden after all they benefit greatly from them too!

  2. We pay our stall fee, but the council want to add on their fee, that’s why there was no stalls at the bower, it would of cost an extra £40 pound per stall on top of what we already pay, they r greedy . We also pay our taxes and our ni so , more than you do as paye , so y should we pay an extra amount to the council for no reason

  3. Let’s hope the street food vendors reduce their product costs in line with this. The street vendors pricing is daylight robbery. Street food should be affordable and enjoyed by all, not just for the very wealthy. The past couple years have shown a huge gap between affordable and good value for money and complete rip off. Trying to charge £8 for a plain crepe (crepe, sugar and lemon juice) is outrageous. Why are they allowed to charge £6 for a small tray of chips? The council should be doing more to control the out of control fees charged by the street vendors. I don’t feel sorry if they can’t attend due to increased costs as soon enough nobody will want to come and purchase from them anyway.

  4. Job for Scrutiny, inviting traders views and attendance at a small Task and Finish Group I would suggest.

  5. share similar comments do the regular traders get any benefits -concerned about the enviromental damage to the city centre particularly the use of ‘claped out’ generators

  6. I remember last year. The B&M car park was chaos. A lady was in floods of tears as her car was blocked in and people refusing to move.

    People screaming and shouting at each other.

    I just drove off and went shopping elsewhere.

    Are there actually figures that show if this is actually of a financial benefit to Lichfield and local traders?

    The website states 135000 people visitied in 3 days

    45000 people a day does seem a very high figure.

    If this is costing the council a lot of money. The stalls should cover the costs. It would be good to see an event that is financially neutral for he council.

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