The former leader of Lichfield District Council has been confirmed as a candidate for the forthcoming Staffordshire County Council elections.

Cllr Mike Wilcox

The Conservatives have confirmed Cllr Mike Wilcox will contest the Burntwood South seat when voters go to the polls in May.

Cllr Wilcox – who represents the Alrewas and Fradley ward on Lichfield District Council – said he was keen to see through the work of current county councillor, Cllr Helen Fisher.

“If I am successfully elected to represent Burntwood South, I will continue the hard work that my Conservative predecessor has done over the past four years.

“I will be working with fellow elected members to identify a further health facility to complement the new build that will be completed later this year on Lichfield Road providing enhanced medical provision to our residents.

“I firmly believe that post-COVID the challenges that we shall all face will be tough, and we will need to work together to support all residents whatever their circumstances as well as reaching out to our local businesses that have faced enormous difficulties.”

Mike Wilcox

The Conservatives have also confirmed that Cllr Thomas Loughbrough will contest the Burntwood North seat.

The Burntwood Town Council member said:

“I am delighted to be the Conservative party candidate for Burntwood North, an area that I have called home for most of my life.

“I already serve Burntwood as a town councillor so I feel that now it is the right time for me to stand this year in the place where I grew up.

“While it may be difficult to get out and about as we usually do, I will reach out and listen to all who wish to have a say in their local area and I very much look forward to working with residents, local businesses and voluntary groups to see how we can make sure Burntwood North develops to be a truly excellent place to live and work.”

Thomas Loughbrough

Labour have confirmed that Cllr Sue Woodward will see to retain her Burntwood North seat, while Burntwood Town Council and Lichfield District Council’s Cllr Darren Ennis will contest the Burntwood South division.

15 replies on “Former leader of Lichfield District Council confirmed as Burntwood Conservative candidate in Staffordshire County Council election”

  1. Need help to know what he has done that has had a positive impact? All I see when I see him is Friarsgate, and if that’s it, quite some cojones to be standing for election.

  2. Burntwood S has a UKIP residue that will vote Tory or any right-wing party. Hopefully, they’ll elect the candidate who lives there and has done more for the area than anyone else in the last decade, not a proven waster of public monies.

  3. As a long-time Conservative voter it does worry me about which direction the local party is heading at present.

    In my own ward in Lichfield for the county council elections the current member has been largely invisible from the moment she won the election for the Conservatives. I struggle to understand exactly what her role has been these past few years.

    Mr Wilcox certainly represents the past in many ways and given the issue of Friarsgate already mentioned it is not necessarily a successful history. I have no doubt he has been an adequate servant for Lichfield previously, but I do not see much in the way of progress by allowing him to stand in Burntwood. Mr Willcox’s’ appointments comes across as a significant step backwards for our party.

    I know very little of the other gentleman who will stand for our party in the other Burntwood ward. I am sure Mr Loughborough is capable in his own way but I would have thought it necessary to choose someone with relevant experience and gravitas in order to contest against Cllr Woodward. Although I support an opposing party, I recognise the contribution Cllr Woodward has made and continues to make. So choosing a lesser-known candidate with minimal experience in a town council appears a bit like sending a lamb to the slaughter. It would be useful to know more about Mr Loughbrough.

    So what are the plans the Conservative’s have locally? We have an MP who has alienated even some of his own supporters – myself included – since the pandemic first hit us. We have a young council leader who does seem to be trying his hardest to take us in a new direction. But then you have all the broo-hah-hah surrounding building and developments in Lichfield which does seem very confused and confusing. Now you have some questionable decisions regarding candidates and others who have so far failed to represent their party or their wards with distinction.

    The local party seems to be muddled in their decisions. We have enough of that of a national level and I for one had come to expect more from Conservatives here.

  4. Its almost like a parody of local politics.

    I do not know who is inhabiting the fantasy world – the local party making the selection decisions, or the candidates themselves?

    One candidate will be wearing the “Been there, tried that, failed miserably” t-shirt and the other who will be wearing one saying “I got two hopes – and one of them is Bob”!

    If they need a campaign song can I suggest Bucks Fizz – “The Land of Make Believe” seems the most appropriate as they are living in a dream world.

  5. It will be a good test of my perception that in our geriatric constituency you could elect anything with a blue ribbon around it. Why on earth would you let failures and those who will not listen to their constituents take office again? Burntwood is the Cinderella in our joint communities. What they really need is a fairly godmother.
    If Mr Wilcox gets elected it would need another one of his closed sessions to achieve it, and a secret ballot!

  6. This has to be an early April Fools joke, surely??

    The man who oversaw the biggest waste of local money in decades (Friarsgate), and was booted out of his position by his own colleagues, whose wife states that she wished local media to be shut down……now wants to run for Burntwood!!!?????

    The gall of this guy is unbelievable….

    Is he living on the same planet as us?

  7. I’d like to remind the Burntwood South candidate that in 2010 Burntwood and Hammerwich residents were promised two Health Centres following the closure of Hammerwich Cottage Hospital but of course we had the Conservative and LibDemn Coalition Government and “austerity” so that did not happen.

    Ten years later, and after false promises by local Conservatives and their MP, work has finally started on the Greenwood House site Health Centre but a permanent Health and Wellbeing Centre is NOT to “complement” the other one but what local residents deserve, were promised, and paid for with their taxes over the years.

  8. Burntwood is a very clean & safe place to live, why do we want a conservative idiot to look after Burntwood , they wasted money on a new police station & it’s empty as we have no police officers, when are the government going to wake up

  9. @Mike I am fast coming to believe that candidates for political positions such as this candidate put themselves up for election because they are bored and can’t find anything better to do with their time and politics is more or less a hobby to them. A means of keeping themselves occupied because they haven’t the imagination to think of anything else better to do with their lives. In so doing aiming to be of as little use to the average person whose lives are blighted and affected by it. What has this country come to I ask you.

  10. It is not boredom. There are far more profitable dividends to be enjoyed.
    Politics = profit.
    While I accept that many others have genuinely altruistic reasons, it becomes clear very quickly where the motivation lies for some.

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