A public meeting is taking place to highlight safety concerns at a Lichfield junction following the death of a motorcyclist.

Residents Robin Horton and Elaine Hutchings who have been campaigning for safety improvements at the junction alongside Cllr Paul Ray

Luke Cotton died in a crash at the Grange Lane and Eastern Avenue junction in June 2021.

The incident led to a petition asking for new safety measures at the site passing 5,000 signatures.

Cllr Paul Ray, who represents the Chadsmead ward at Lichfield District Council, said a new report had put forward proposals for changes to the junction.

“It is absolutely tragic that there was the fatality of Luke Cotton at this junction in June and I just want to update and reassure residents that the campaign to get permanent improvements made by Staffordshire Highways at this junction continues and has stepped up.

“Various councillors and residents are involved, with 5,000 people signing a petition.

“A new report by Staffordshire Highways contractor Amey has been issued recommending a roundabout or traffic lights. That was what we hoped for and is very good news.”

Cllr Paul Ray, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Ray said the report had also revealed that accidents on the stretch of carriageway were around four-and-a-half times higher than on similar roads.

An outdoor meeting will take place near the junction at 11am on 2nd October.

“There are significant factors which means that the work to make this junction safe must be carried out urgently.

“The important thing is to keep the pressure up as there is no timing yet from Staffordshire Highways about when the works are to be done.

“I urge as many residents as possible to attend so we can show the strength of feeling and how essential it is that this junction is changed and made safe as matter of urgency.”

Cllr Paul Ray, Lichfield District Council

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  1. “An outdoor meeting will take place near the junction at 11am on 2nd October.”

    I don’t know. I haven’t read the article.

  2. “An outdoor meeting will take place near the junction at 11am on 2nd October.”

    I don’t know. I haven’t read the article.

  3. Yes the meeting will be on the grass verge by the junction at the top of Grange Lane. Thank you for attending and please let others know

  4. Until there is a massive crackdown on the awful selfish and aggressive driving habits that unfortunately are witnessed on a daily basis on our roads not much is going to change. The morons who drive like this shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near a steering wheel.

  5. Good news they are finally listening after many accidents and the tragic death of Luke once this is resolved be it an island or lights it would be good to have a memorial for Luke or even give the junction his name ? Such a waste of a life there seems endless money for the new housing developments popping up around Lichfield and roads are appearing all the time so let’s hope money doesn’t come into the equation when trying to make the junction safe !

  6. There also needs to be a pedestrian crossing lower down on Eastern Avenue to Watery Lane. Trying to cross the road is a nightmare with the amount of traffic especially as so many drivers exceed the 40mph speed limit

  7. Cllr Paul Ray: Repairing the terrible road surface and filling the potholes next to the Think Bike signs would be a good place to start.

  8. I agree with Mr Scholl, there is a wider problem of reckless driving by a few very fast and dangerous drivers around the city. Doing 90 in 30 zones, zooming through the city centre, overtaking on roundabouts, near misses with oncoming traffic. Drivers often too young and inexperienced to grasp the dangers they pose to the public. Full review of local road systems and traffic enforcement would be a good use of taxes.

    Best of luck with improving the safety of the junction to avoid further tragedies.

  9. Driving at the speed limit, is a very scary thing in Lichfield.

    As so many of the roads are a single lane in each direction. Some drivers try and intimidate you. I had the pleasure of a massive construction lorry centimetres from my bumper, yesterday.

    I also witnessed a very near miss, on Monday between a group of schoolchildren crossing the road and a car speeding.

  10. The problem of putting a traffic island or lights at the junction, or any junction, it still relies of people driving sensibly in accordance with the regulations. I’d point out that there is a traffic island by Lichfield Morrisions but that was no help in saving the life of a woman who was walking on the footpath when a car lost control around the island, mounted the pavement and hit her, unfortunatly resulting in her loss of life.

    I can see that in all likelihood there will be another accident on Beacon Street if nothing is done regarding cars thinking it is a dragstrip.

  11. A quick response to PO in relation to his/her comments relating to Beacon Street.
    Around 3 months ago I wrote to Michel Fabricant regarding vehicles speeding on Beacon Street and Stafford Road, This was passed on to the new chief of police. After promises of action, nothing has been done to deal with the problem.

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