Lichfield Cathedral Chorus celebrated the work of John Rutter in their latest concert in the city.

The group is an independent amateur choir that shares its name, musical director and venue with the place of worship. They put on four varied shows a year.

Their latest outing saw them teach us that it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy the music of John Rutter. 

There are many songs that people know well but couldn’t name the composer that turn out to be Rutter’s. Some pieces were so moving that it was hard to fight back the tears – in particular the contrast of plaintive solo woodwind against choir and organ in The Lord is My Shepherd.

But not all was Rutter. Interspersed were some by a very capable support act – Disraeli Brown – who turned out to be the alter ego of the musical director himself, Ben Lamb, who claimed it gave him freedom to write in a different style. 

There was also youth showcased under the leadership of Ben’s wife Cathy, with My Heavenly Aeroplane the spirited centrepiece by the combined Lichfield Young and Youth Choirs. 

Perhaps the only criticism that could be made is a lack of stage management. The PA microphone only seemed to work intermittently and the audience wasn’t sure the performance had ended, perhaps hoping for an encore.