Thrales restaurant

A planning application submitted to Lichfield District Council seeks to put the former Thrales Restaurant back to use.

Thrales Restaurant closed in September 2011 after 23 years in business. Chef Simon Smith said at the time,

“We went into liquidation after 23 years. We could not compete with the £5 per head market – and the parking charges also lost us a lot of business.”

Now the listed building is under application for a conversion of use to “retail (A1) and beauty salon” according to the council planning system. A second application seeks to make alterations to the building to match the change of use, although it’s not clear exactly what those changes are.

One reply on “Lichfield’s Thrales Restaurant could become shop and beauty salon”

  1. Best of luck for any venture trying to get planning permission in Tamworth Street. As long as they don’t dare put up a sign more than 12″ in size. That’d really upset the jobsworths in the council.

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