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Old pictures lift the lid on Lichfield city centre in years gone by

The old Central Garage site

The old Central Garage site

A number of historic photographs of Lichfield have been released.

Lichfield District Council’s conservation team have published some of the images in their library online.

Among the scenes are views of various shops from years gone by across the city centre as well as views overlooking the Cathedral.

The transformation of the city centre is clear, with images depicting the old Central Garage on Conduit Street (now a McDonalds restaurant) and a photograph of the Regal Cinema, complete with a poster advertising the screening of Dirk Bogarde’s 1967 film Accident.

But a number of images still need details – and people can help fill in the blanks and view the collection of images on the All About Lichfield Pinterest page.

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  1. Cynic

    6th June, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    It was interesting to be reminded of the old City which in those days was far more like a village atmosphere. Today we do have more for sale – bigger shops – and shopping everyday of the week.
    BUT is the quality of life better? Generally speaking are people more courteous/friendly/polite/trustworthy?
    Excluding food I find the same items far cheaper (including postage) on the internet with excellent service/returns policy.
    We were able to find work but was that because we did any job – no mention of “I am not doing that” attitude?
    I note today even Miliband is talking about making the unemployed work.
    Many go to university but is it to pass the time or to learn something worthwhile?

  2. Wilson the Volleyball

    6th June, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    Perhaps Cynic, if your generation hadn’t sent all the good jobs overseas, us young’uns wouldn’t be ‘passing the time’ at university. I find it insulting you think we have an ‘I am not doing that’ attitude. We are the generation that will take any job we can get! If your generation hadn’t run the economy into the ground there wouldn’t be 100 odd graduates scrambling for every minimum wage McJob.

  3. Cynic

    6th June, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    “If your generation hadn’t run the economy into the ground there wouldn’t be 100 odd graduates scrambling for every minimum wage Job.”
    But the question was – is the training suitable for the skills we need today?
    Would it be better to go to work rather than uni? I know people that have employed people with so called training at uni and they have been totally unsuitable for real world working. Some of the jobs available years ago were extremely low paid -but we knew and accepted they would lead to better pay when we were trained (on the job).
    We are told jobs were sent abroad because locals expected too much (high wages etc) we are also told millions have arrived in recent years to fill jobs locals will not consider. I agree it is hard for the people leaving school/uni today but thinking a degree in anything is going to get you a top job in a quoted company will only bring you disappointment.
    By suggesting a graduate ,after some years at uni, applies for a unskilled job seems to me you are agreeing uni was a waste of time – he could have got a unskilled job without the uni training.
    I have only known Lichfield (on and off) for half a century – all that time there have been few top jobs. If the person is highly skilled in a particular field that we require today – he will get employment – but unlikely in Lichfield. I do wish you well if you are still job hunting and if you are highly skilled in a desirable field there are other countries to consider.

  4. Gazza Thomas

    6th June, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Just a quick editorial note: The pinterest site is mine and not Lichfield District Council’s , the pictures have been sourced from Lichfield Council archives, but as I say the website is mine and not associated with Lichfield Councils conservation team