The National Memorial Arboretum. Pic: SJWells53
The National Memorial Arboretum. Pic: SJWells53

A memorial tree has been dedicated at the National Memorial Arboretum to remember five crewmen who lost their lives aboard the SS Chuscal.

The ship was returning to the UK from Jamaica in 1966 when it was struck by high waves 520 miles south-east of Newfoundland.

The 411-foot long freighter was laden with precious cargo at the time, so crew members were ordered to brave the conditions to secure horse boxes which had broken loose. But as they attempted to lash down the cargo, the five members were engulfed by a 70-foot wave and swept overboard.

The bodies of the five have never been found:

  • William Leslie Harvey
  • Alan Robert McLintock Moodie
  • Andrew Self
  • Michael Sydney Smith
  • Richard Martin Willcock

Mally Malham, son of Michael Sydney Smith, said: “My father and the other four sailors were all lost at sea and therefore have no known grave.

“This memorial dedicated today means we now have a permanent place to visit and remember them.”

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