Lichfield District Council House
Lichfield District Council House

A hearing over a possible code of conduct breach by a councillor will be heard at Lichfield District Council next week.

Lichfield District Council House
Lichfield District Council House

The session will be held in private and no official details have been released regarding the nature of the complaint being made or the individual concerned, with the council only confirming that the issue relates to an elected member.

However, several sources within the local authority have confirmed to Lichfield Live that the hearing relates to former Conservative Cabinet member Cllr David Leytham.

The local authority launched an investigation earlier this month over claims he failed to declare his wife’s business on his register of interests.

Documents seen by Lichfield Live confirm that the initial complaint about were deemed worthy of further exploration by the local authority.

The council’s deputy monitoring officer said in a written reply to the original complaint: “It is clear that there is a case that if proven there would be a breach of the code of conduct in respect of the failure to register the business of the spouse and in respect of the failure the register the existence of a contractual relationship between Lichfield City Council and the spouse.”

His previous register of interests showed only that he and his wife held invigilation roles with the Scottish Qualifications Authority. However, an updated document posted since the local elections in May shows that his partner is a sole trader of The Pretty Little Parlour, which supplies plants and floral displays to Lichfield City Council.

Cllr Leytham had previously been Mayor of Lichfield City Council before losing his seat in May.

Cllr Leytham said he would not comment on the complaint until the investigation had been completed.

Issues around registers of interest being incomplete dogged the previous Conservative leadership, with the former deputy leader forced to admit he had failed to declare a directorship in a business, while current Cabinet member Cllr Ashley Yeates was also told to update his register for similar reasons.

The closed hearing will take place at 2pm on Monday (2nd July).


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  1. Am I actually reading this?? A council – already accused of holding secret meetings, and already embroiled in several previous misconduct examples, now chooses to hold another secret meeting to investigate ANOTHER case of improper conduct??

    It beggars belief. Why isn’t this a national scandal?

    Can anyone from LCC/LDC explain the logic here? Councillors are locally elected representatives who should not be allowed to act without public scrutiny. Is this open government??


    Shame on you LDC.

  2. It’s almost good to see that there are conflicts of interest going on in the council. It makes some of the decisions understanable.

    If there were not hidden agendas. A lot of the decisions would seem totally crazy.

  3. Don’t be daft, DS..! You expect openness and transparency from Lichfield District Council?? I’ve already referred the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman.

    The entire debacle is absolutely disgusting. Snouts I’m the trough – protecting their own.

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