Piles of rubbish left in Beacon Park
Piles of rubbish left in Beacon Park

People littering in Beacon Park are being warned they could face fixed penalty notices if they are caught.

Volunteers joined staff from Lichfield District Council this morning (25th June) to clear up rubbish left behind by visitors to the park.

It was the latest incident where piles of rubbish were dumped in Beacon Park.

Cllr Richard Cox, cabinet member for leisure, parks and waste, said the council would take action if people didn’t clear up after themselves.

Rubbish left behind in Beacon Park
Rubbish left behind in Beacon Park

“Littering is an ongoing issue and the warm weather tends to exacerbate the problem. Our park rangers do a great job tidying up Beacon Park each morning and throughout the day.

“However, we have noticed that littering is increasing and we are working with community safety and environmental health teams at the council alongside the police, to try to address the issue of people gathering in the evenings and then not tidying up after themselves.

“One of our rangers alerted the police about large numbers of young people gathering in the park yesterday, and a PCSO patrolled the area and approached a number of people and asked them to tidy up after themselves, which they did.

“Unfortunately the litter built up after this but it was cleared away in the morning.

“Our enforcement officers also patrolled the area yesterday evening and will be out again this evening to discuss anti-social behaviour and social distancing – and will issue fixed penalty notices if they see anyone littering.” 

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Cox added that it was important people thought about the impact their actions have on other people using the park.

“We want to ask everyone to have pride in their local area and to use Beacon Park responsibly.

“We will continue to work to educate people and to use enforcement action if necessary.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

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Angie Harvey
3 years ago

It’s so sad that people come into our parks in their droves and think nothing of leaving their rubbish behind them. I know Beacon Park very well having grown up in Lichfield and it was always beautifully kept. The same happens in Sutton Coldfield Park. Again the Rangers and volunteers have an uphill struggle with the mess of litter and dirty nappies that are left. Plus thousands of these small silver canisters to give them a 20 second high. These people should appreciate the beauty of our parks without destroying them.

3 years ago

Shouldn’t have to educate people on taking their rubbish away and disposing of it properly. Just shows how disgusting some people are.