Councillors are being asked to approve a £330,000 budget to begin work on the first phase of bringing the Lichfield city centre masterplan to fruition.

An artist’s impression of the city centre masterplan

The money will be used over the next two years to help develop the initial delivery plan for the scheme.

Areas such as commercial property advice, legal support and consultants for parking, pedestrianisation and public realm strategies will be covered by the budget if it is given the go ahead at a meeting of the cabinet at Lichfield District Council.

A report from Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member for major projects and economic development, said £100,000 of the money would be coming from earmarked reserves for the Birmingham Road Site.

The remainder would come from general reserves – unless an agreement is reached in relation to a confidential item on the agenda for the meeting relating to a “deed of variation and a deed of release relating to the Three Spires Shopping Centre”.

“Cabinet has previously noted and accepted the importance of the masterplan in the context of providing a framework for growing and developing Lichfield city centre, ensuring that it remains a focal point for investment and a location which meets the varied needs of residents, business and visitors.

“It is vital now that arrangements are put in place to deliver on the ambitions of the masterplan and the aims and objectives within it.

“The report sets out what is considered to be a suitable mechanism for delivering the strategies and developments that will underpin the future of the city centre for the next 25 to 30 years.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The masterplan was drawn up in a bid to create a blueprint for the city centre following the collapse of the Friarsgate scheme after more than a decade of planning.

It has proposed the creation of quarters across the city:

  • Cathedral Quarter
  • Market Quarter
  • Business and Learning Quarter
  • Southern Gateway Quarter

Cllr Little said work had been taking place following an update to the advice in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

“Since July work has focussed on determining how the proposals within the masterplan can be delivered, including what key studies need to be carried out to inform detailed development proposals, considering the resource implications, and assessing how best the various work streams will be managed, reported on and scrutinised.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The meeting of the cabinet will take place on 6th October.


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12 replies on “Report urges councillors to back £330,000 budget for next stage of Lichfield city centre masterplan”

  1. Wait! No!
    There is not just any old plan…there is a masterplan?!?
    There was me thinking it was the “make it up as we go along” schopl of locsl government.
    I need to completely rethink my approach to LDC’s work now.
    Will the council give me £300k so I can appoint consultants to advise me on the best way to rethink my brain?

  2. Another £300k of Council Tax payers money. What will this show the Council that they don’t already know?
    Retail and Leisure is dificult and more so since Covid. Residential is the only option and if density is managed carefully it could fund some green space and community uses.
    There in a few words is what they are planning to spend £300k on. My invoice is in the post!

  3. This debarkle costing lots of money, goes on and on. LDC should seriously consider handing the whole thing over to a bunch of five year olds, bless them could do no worse. Most likely teach LDC, consultants and planners a thing or two.

  4. Perhaps they should open it up to the local residents, for a solution, we most defiantly do not want it covered in houses or shops, so instead of showing us their “Master Plan” put out a blank page, as suggested by Mrs. H, and see what comes back, their are lots of residents that have a view, rather than pay out once again for a 2nd Master plan, Lets get this right before we let the Council loose on the rest of the City

  5. LDC couldn’t organise a urination contest in a brewery. 300K of tax payers money being used. What will we the residents of lichfield get? Probably more coffee shops and restaurants.

  6. Two points for me, firstly given the generally poor reception to idea of quarters (which is outdated in modern planning) why are LDC going down this route. Secondly I’m interested in the confidential item given that The Three Spires complex is owned by a 3rd Party (Hammerson Development bought it in 2011 for £33M). Are they expecting them to fund some of the work?

  7. LDC is just proving how out of touch to the Citys actual needs during a difficult time with the pandemic. Doesnt want to set up plans of support for the public, doesnt want to get those homless off the street with a bowl of grub to eat. Doesnt want to help out the struggling shops on its high street, or even the stalls at the market square, which have dwindled in the past years. Cant make this stuff up.

  8. In view of the situation that the Leisure and commercial industry is in at the moment Lichfield DC are going to find it very difficult to attract anything in the near future, we will have to watch the development of the “Birmingham road Site” very carefully, as the only thing that can be delivered very quickly is housing, and I for one do not want to see any houses built on such a prime central site, we have more than enough being built on every spare piece of ground, I would much prefer as a last resort to have an open park area

  9. With the closed and closing units in the 3 Spires – Sports Direct, Trespass et al – how viable is this shopping centre? Lichfield could soon become a retail desert and then what do we do with all the cafes, hairdressers etc when there is no footfall?

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