People are being asked to give their views on where Lichfield District Council should focus its budget in the future.

Lichfield District Council House

The local authority said it expects to spend around £11million on services in the next financial year from April 2021.

Cllr Rob Strachan, cabinet member responsible for finance, said the council was keen to get feedback on what the spending priorities should be,

 “We would like to gather views from as many local people as possible about the issues that are important to them to help shape our spending priorities for the next financial year. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on local government finances which will continue through the current period of restrictions and beyond.

“Our budget consultation helps us better understand the priorities that our residents, businesses, community groups and partners want us to focus on and where we can allocate resources to have the most impact.”

Cllr Rob Strachan, Lichfield District Council

The consultation is open until 31st December and can be completed online.


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7 replies on “People asked for views on future spending priorities at Lichfield District Council”

  1. They rarely listen or take heed of what we need or want so why bother. This is just paying ‘lip service’ for the requirement to ‘consult’.

  2. Done – but why ask questions re marital status, ethnicity & sexuality?. Nothing to do with questionnaire contents.

  3. Glossy years ago when working I gave up bothering with council tender documents. There could be 20 pages full of questions about how many ethnic minorities, handicapped etc you employed eventually followed by 3 or 4 lines of what they wanted a quote for. Little changes

  4. Having wasted seven million pounds of our money on Friarsgate, the words barn door, horse and bolted come to mind.

  5. I am not sure why The Garrick is in the section for Delivering Prosperity.

    No mention of:
    spending hundreds of thousands on consultants
    unrestricted house building

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