Every year it’s difficult to find the words for a festive article on Lichfield Live and find an appropriate way to thank everyone for being part of our year – and 2020 has been more challenging than most.

In January, we’d anticipated another year of publishing content that we hoped might be useful and be of interest to some of those who used us for their local news. Business as usual if you will.

And then March happened and…well, you know the rest.

“The local media landscape changed”

Like the rest of the world, the local media landscape changed. The pause in publishing and subsequent demise of the Lichfield Mercury newspaper meant the district’s sources of trusted local news were diminished.

The data we receive on visitors to our website showed – very quickly – just how much the demand had risen for local news at a time when the supply had reduced. Our traffic increased three-fold almost overnight and has continued to grow ever since.

Despite being a very, very small group of volunteers – producing the site alongside full time jobs and families – we tried our best to fill the gap at a time when we felt it was needed more than ever.

We’ve never been read by so many people and we’ve never published so much.

Recently, we’ve seen our 20,000th comment posted on the site, as well as record numbers of people engaging with our content on Twitter and Facebook – and early next year Lichfield Live will reach the milestone of publishing 100,000 articles over the course of its history.

“Lichfield and Burntwood is full of brilliant people”

There was also the success of the Community Awards organised by some members of the team and other brilliant local folks who helped ensure we could celebrate the best of our area. Thank you to everyone who organised and took part.

These awards highlighted everything we’ve always known about Lichfield and Burntwood – it’s an area full of brilliant people who look out for each other and give up their time to make the lives of others a little bit better.

We can’t make predictions about 2021 or even suggest it will be better, but what we can say is that we’ll all get through it as long as we look out for each other and continue to support local businesses and organisations.

Hopefully, we’ll still be around to keep letting you all know what’s going on – thank you to all advertisers and donors who have helped us pay the growing bills that come with a growing website.

We’d also love to hear what you think about Lichfield Live. What you find useful, or think could be improved. If you can, please spare five minutes to take our reader survey and tell us what you want from Lichfield Live in 2021 and beyond.

Merry Christmas to everyone reading from all of us at Lichfield Live.

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  1. Thank you for the greeting. My family are keeping me safe by abandoning plans to come here this Christmas – a loving decision. So sometime this afternoon I’ll raise a glass to others out there who find themselves on their own today.

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