The owners of a car park say they have agreed to cancel tickets issued to people who used the facility while they went for coronavirus vaccinations at Lichfield Cathedral.

Some drivers said they had been given fines after using the Angel Croft Car Park.

But landowner Friel Homes has apologised and said they were working with the management company to ensure it does not happen in future.

“We have been delighted to hear that COVID-19 vaccinations began taking place at Lichfield Cathedral – this is a huge step forwards for the whole community and we thank all of those involved for their hard work to date and moving forwards.

“Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that parking charge notices were issued to several Lichfield residents using the Angel Croft Car Park when receiving their vaccinations at the cathedral.

“As landowners, we were saddened to learn that this had taken place, particularly on what should have been such a positive day for our community.

“We do not support these actions in any way and offer our sincere apologies to all Lichfield residents who were caused distress by Friday’s events.

“Once our on-site team spotted what was happening, we immediately spoke to the car park management company and have worked together to ensure none of the parking charge notices will be processed, and that parking attendants will not patrol on days when vaccinations are taking place at the cathedral.”

Friel Homes spokesperson

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  1. It’s a Pay and Display car park – why should it be free?

    Be grateful that you are getting a free vaccination – you’ll be asking to be paid to go there next.

  2. Great result – so many elderly attending the cathedral with the only option of parking at the Angel Croft. Whilst some early on were only 15/20 mins but as the day went on my mom was 1 hr 45 mins !

  3. Mike – this is a vaccination place for local GP’s not a national mass vaccination centre, so your criticism does not make sense. Too many people are too quick to criticise eveything especially on social media.

  4. Why would anyone think they can park in a private car park without paying for a ticket?

    Well done Friel, but why should they have to ?

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