More than 9,000 journeys could be lost if plans to axe Lichfield District Council’s community transport service get the go-ahead. The local authority is examining options for a range of departments as part of the Fit for the Future review, which aims to deliver around £1.7million of savings during its first stage. Councillors will examine the cost-cutting measures when the overview and scrutiny committee meet on Thursday (June 20). Community transport has been identified as one area where savings could be made. Complete closure would mean savings of £25,000, according to a report by Lichfield District Council. But an internal review admits that such a move would have an impact on the users of the transport service, which made 9,001 passenger journeys during the 2012/13 period. Currently, 77 different groups and organisations use community transport. “Some passengers may find it more difficult and costly to access basic amenities or social activities/outings and rely more on family, friends and neighbours for transportation,” the report said. “Groups may need to access transport from Voluntary Transport for the Disabled, the Voluntary Car Scheme (run by the CVS) or private sector. “In comparison to community transport, the cost of a private hire minibus is approximately 60 per cent higher.” If closure were to be deemed the most appropriate option, the bulk of the savings would come from not managing the service. But it would also mean the potential loss 14 volunteer drivers who gave up their time to deliver 2,036 hours during the 2012/13, according to the council’s review. [story-latest tag=”fit-for-the-future”]


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One reply on “Community transport cuts could see thousands of journeys in Lichfield and Burntwood lost”

  1. This is a shame. It doesn’t look like this service costs very much to run. I’ve read the report (well, most of it.It is quite long), and this service offers a lot to local groups working with older people, disabled people, and youth groups.
    I wonder, if there was investment in it, would it be possible to run it at break even?

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