The Lichfield Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Picture: Google Streetview

Details about traffic management are being worked out with a view to reopening Lichfield’s tip, the area’s MP has said.

The household waste and recycling centre has been shut as part of social distancing measures introduced due to the coronavirus crisis.

Staffordshire County Council said it would reopen the site “when the time was right”.

But Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has suggested that this could be sooner rather than later.

“A target date has now been set for the reopening of the Lichfield and tip following the Government’s announcement, but things just need to be sorted with Staffordshire Police first to avoid traffic jams on Trent Valley Road in the first few days as a backlog of rubbish is cleared.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The talk of reopening follows a request from the Secretary of State Robert Jenrick MP.

“I announced in Parliament that I am asking councils to safely plan the organised opening of household waste collection sites – in line with social distancing guidelines – as a priority.

“We will be publishing guidance on this shortly.”

Robert Jenrick MP


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15 replies on “Lichfield MP says talks on traffic management are taking place with a view to reopening city’s tip”

  1. This will always be the problem with reopening the tip at Lichfield. It queues out onto the main road and blocks Trent Valley island on some normal days, so it’ll be horrendous if they do it now. Stress levels are high so road rage incidents won’t take much to kick off.

  2. This can easily be managed by making an appointment system, taking people’s names and requiring them to produce their council tax bills. Many things can be achieved with planning and a large dollop of common sense.

  3. I live on the estate next to the tip, access to the estate has always been a problem due to queueing traffic for the tip. Despite complaints nothing has been done. Cars queue out onto the island and due to parked cars on the right it makes access impossible. In my opinion the tip needs to be open for longer hours.

  4. I think an appointment system is the best way forward too. If you keep things ordered then there should not be a problem with traffic and social distancing.
    If you allow it to be a “freeforall” then you will have any Tom-Dick-Harry turning up whenever they feel like it and even they do not really need to be there. Not everyone will need to visit this place, so keep it organised and not first come first served.

  5. I would not like to be one of the staff when people turn up for their 11.45 – 11.55 appointment at 11.59 at the back of the queue.

    Then try and go past the queue of cars.

    Give the staff a load of abuse, when they are not allowed in.

    Block everyone from coming in and getting out.

    Give the rest of the queue, a piece of their mind.

    Take a few photos and post on Twitter and Facebook.

    I have been amazed how people in virtually empty supermarket car parks have been able to get in each others way. Sound their horns and shout abuse at each other.

  6. Steve, that’s the worst case. Lichfield is a largely respectful place with plenty of reasonable people. What you describe may be issues to begin with but they can be ironed out. It’s also worth saying that the tips could be open until 8/9pm at this time of year.

  7. But if you make everyone know what the rules are before opening then there will not be a problem.
    If the police are there to control traffic they can supervise the appointment system. They can make a note of registration numbers and check ID to make sure people are not pulling a fast one too.
    The site is easy to control in that respect. Difficult to “jump” the queue when there is not enough room to do so.
    I think the MP should be applauded for making sure this is done properly. I’m sure the same rules will apply to Burntwood, but it is important to get the main site sorted first.

  8. Must be a different Lichfield, Litter everywhere together with graffiti Prior to lock down I walked through Darwin Park following the brook, regularly picking up litter feet from litter bins. And by one seat Laughing Gas canisters in half dozens where the druggies had dumped them the night before. So Richard which Lichfield do you live in ??

  9. I feel for S Cartwright, your estate wasn’t always there – the council should’ve looked at alternatives.

    Appreciate another comment from our resident Fabricant fanboy Barry, his comments are always soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent.

    It’s hard to empathise with councils, they decided to close tips – when there really was no reason to do so, if sensible social distancing had been implemented in the first place, residents could have been disposing of their excess recycling and household waste – without the backlog.

    Another nod to Barry who thinks the police could check appointments to the tip site, always a pleasure.

  10. I am glad Darlly agrees with me about the police checking up on those attending the site. If they are there to manage the traffic then it makes perfect sense for the police to keep things in order.
    I also agree with Darlly that those who live near there knew the site existed when they moved in. I empathise with the residents too, but you pays your money and get your choice.

  11. What police? Hardly see a policeman/woman anymore around Lichfield. Thought they were too busy with other things. Where are they going to find time to do traffic management?

  12. Barry after they have been recruited they will need a couple of years at police college you can’t just put them in a uniform and throw them out unless you are referring to the plastic Bobby or CPO

  13. Barry Scott,Possibly people who bought properties near tip were mislead as there was talk of it being closed At the time.
    Double yellow lines would solve access problem. Why has the council been slow to act on this, would it be their employees vehicles by any chance.
    Richard. Reasonable people? Are they the ones who left their rubbish at the tip gates every bank holiday when it was closed because they were too idle to take it home and return another day.
    ML. You’re right, Lichfield Is not Utopia and the sooner people realise that the better.

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