Serena Mears
Serena Mears

A second Conservative member of Lichfield District Council has quit the party in as many days.

The local authority’s chair, Cllr Derick Cross, made the switch to become independent yesterday saying he had found the local Tory leadership “constraining” – although he refused to be drawn further on the detail.

He has now been joined by Cllr Serena Mears, who won election to the district council for the first time in the May local elections.

She took the Highfield seat for the Conservatives after topping the poll with 182 votes, but will now become independent member after less than six months in the role.

No reason has been given for Cllr Mears decision, but sources have told Lichfield Live the switch has been carried out in solidarity with Cllr Cross.

The move means the Conservatives now hold 21 of the 47 seats at the council, giving them a majority of just four over Labour.

Cllr Mears hit the headlines in the wake of the local elections where she won seats on the district council as well as Burntwood Town Council and Hammerwich Parish Council.

However, she opted to resign her seat at the town council before the first meeting had even taken place.

The move saw a new member co-opted at the town council with Labour’s Ivan Holdsworth being installed in her place.

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Local person
8 months ago

Easy numbers to oust the useless tories now. Doubt it will happen though as the opposition seem to have cowered away from stepping up. Shame.

Steven Norman
8 months ago

Wasn’t this one of the “mebbers of the public” that somehow found the time to attend Fradley Parish Council – on more than one occasion – recently?

Mrs Brown
8 months ago

All is not well down Frog Lane. Maybe more with jump soon

Simon Templar
8 months ago

Cllr Pullen’s dictatorship has built a house of cards….

Chris M
8 months ago

Perhaps we should have a medal struck to thank them for their services!

8 months ago

What has Cllr Mears got to do with this?

8 months ago

She turns up randomly to Fradley Parish Council meetings too to speak on Derick Cross’ behalf. All rather bizarre.

Asellus aquaticus
8 months ago

Oh good lord. Sometimes I just come on here to read the comments. “What has Cllr Mears got to do with this?” referring to an article about Cllr Mears has to be one of my favourites so far.

8 months ago

Interesting comments. Why is Cllr Mears attending Fradley parish council meetings? And why is she the only one following Cllr Cross in solidarity? A bit odd.

8 months ago

@John. Oh surely not. Wow. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Esme Bracey
8 months ago

I think there’s something a bit undemocratic about switching sides half way through a term of office. Irrespective of what party an elected councillor belonged to when they were voted in if they wish to change sides they should resign and stand again. Jumping ship with regard to Burntwood etc, turning up at Fradley, swopping allegiances suggests that this person lacks commitment, has no clear idea what she wants to do and is playing politics with our council tax.