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Old rivalries will be renewed in a by-election at Burntwood Town Council. Labour’s Rob Birch will contest the seat against Conservative candidate Brian Bacon. It will mean Mr Birch is squaring off against the husband of Burntwood Town Council leader Cllr Norma Bacon, who controversially won a vote to be co-opted onto the authority. That decision – which Labour claimed saw the Tories go back on a verbal agreement not to put anyone forward so Mr Birch could be chosen to fill the void left open following the resignation of Keith Willis-croft – has led to the Boney Hay by-election. Parish council seats are often be filled by co-opting a new member from the same party onto the authority to avoid a costly by-election. But following the row over the Chasetown seat, Labour had indicated it would not step aside to allow the Tories to co-opt a replacement for Natasha Pullen, who resigned after her election to Staffordshire County Council. The by-election will now take place on July 27.


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4 replies on “Boney Hay ward by-election brings local rivalries to the fore once more in Burntwood as Labour and Conservatives name candidates”

  1. Tories won’t stop till the city is a shopping mall surrounded by lucrative retirement apartments and Burntwood is a dormitory with no green belt left. Hence people representing multiple wards (not restricted to the Tories BTW)when what is needed is a cross-section of normal residents with no back channel to developers and builders and a healthy dose of community instead of ‘commercial opportunity’.

  2. Well slap my arse and call me ginger…can you believe it?!?!?!

    I have no idea where to start. Mrs Bacon doesn’t get elected by her people, becomes the leader of Burntwood over night. AND now her husband is looking for a seat. I highly doubt either of them have stepped foot in Boney Hay.

    But then, let’s not forget who the Tory party is made up of. We have 3? 4? married couples? Plus the addition of a daughter, mother and grandmother. As well as a disproportionate representation of age, colour and health.

    The balls of this party….lets just get our husbands and wives in there. No one in Burntwood cares…wow…. how can you not find this poor-quality-politics?

  3. My word we dont need more family fortune seekers hoovering up the seats on the council. Not enough diversity to make the council effective for the people of the area with everything just waved through. Would like to know where Alston is though? Can’t find it in the boundries of Burntwood unless Google maps is broken?

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