Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis

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Firefighters have been told they “should not be unduly worried” by plans to bring Staffordshire Fire and rescue Service under the control of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The change of governance has been confirmed by the Home Office and has been welcomed by Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant. But the Staffordshire Fire Authority, which currently governs the fire service, has previously questioned the plans.
Matthew Ellis
However, an independent review has now recommended the change over with Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis insisting the move would be good for all parties. “The change to governance and oversight will not affect frontline operations of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service,” he said. “Officers and staff should not be unduly worried – it’s entirely business as usual. “This is an opportunity to further improve the way the police and the fire service work together and to ensure more of the funding available goes to frontline services. “Staffordshire is a large and diverse county and it’s important the future for both services is financially more secure with a period of stability to get on with the difficult jobs they do. “I’m sure everyone would want to thank the various city councillors and county councillors for their time on the Fire and Rescue Authority.”

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2 replies on “Police and Crime Commissioner says firefighters “should not be unduly worried” over change of governance for fire service”

  1. Is anyone else a bit concerned by the wording that firefighters “…should not be unduly worried”?

    “Unduly” means “excessively” or “disproportionately”. Does it follow then that firefighters should be a little bit worried?

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