A resident crossing at Eastern Avenue

Residents have drawn up a petition calling for a new crossing to be installed on a “lethal” stretch of road in Lichfield.

Some elderly residents needing to using a bus stop on Eastern Avenue say they are having to wait for up to ten minutes for a gap in traffic before being able to cross the busy stretch of road.

A resident crossing at Eastern Avenue

They say the issue has worsened since changes to the 821 and 822 services meaning some residents now need to use alternative stops.

Local resident Joan Blakemore has now started a petition and is being supported by Liberal Democrat councillors in the area.

Councillors Richard Rathbone and Paul McDermott say a similar situation also occurs along Trent Valley Road, where the service has been diverted from Valley Lane, forcing residents to cross the busy road.

“Dangers facing residents”

Cllr Paul Ray, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said: “Thanks to Mrs Blakemore and other residents, I and the other three Lib Dem councillors serving this area are well aware of the dangers facing residents who wish to use the bus services.

“We will therefore take up Mrs Blakemore’s petition and collect more signatures before presenting it to the county council, who have responsibility for these matters, with a demand to provide a measure of safety for these residents, with options including controlled crossings on Eastern Avenue and Trent Valley Road.”

Councillors Ray and Ashton recently visited Mrs Blakemore, and talked with her, documenting on video the difficulties of crossing the road for elderly and frail residents.


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  1. This has got to be a joke.. there is a safe place to cross not 4 minutes walk away with a bus stop rite next to it.. should we build a “safe place to cross” at every junction off eastern avenue? I count we would need another 7-8 predisain crosses.

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