Protesters on the roof of the UAV Engines Ltd factory
Protesters on the roof of the UAV Engines Ltd factory. Picture: VX Pictures

Campaigners have staged another protest at a factory in Shenstone.

Members of Palestine Action took to the roof of UAV Engines Ltd at around 3.30am today (22nd June).

The group have damaged the roof and walls as well as damaging equipment inside the building.

It is the latest action by the group who say engines manufactured at the site are used in Elbit drones supplied to the Israeli military.

A spokesperson for Palestine Action said:

“Palestine Action occupy and shut down Elbit sites to disrupt supply chain of drones and drone parts, undermine the profitability of Elbit’s business, and end the operations of Elbit in the UK.

“These activists will keep working until the Shenstone site, like all other Elbit sites, is forced to shut down for good.”

Palestine Action spokesperson

Other action by the group has seen Elbit Systems London headquarters targeted, while their Oldham factory has also been shut.

A spokesperson for Elbit Systems UK said:

“We worked with the police to secure the site after this illegal and violent entry.

“Elbit Systems UK is proud to provide advanced technology and critical support for the UK armed forces, and it is completely irresponsible to attempt to disrupt this work, particularly at a time of heightened global instability.”

Elbit Systems spokesperson

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  1. Who are these idiots? Do they work for a living ? Or announce that they are physically searching for a job, or is my Tax paying for their survival. Yes water Cannon them off their feet. Pathetic, misguided Human Beings. A total scurge .

  2. I think everyone has the right to protest and majority of times it’s done within the law – obviously this action group feels very strongly about their cause to go to the trouble of consistently breaking the law. Perhaps someone should start listening to them and maybe they can get some kind of resolution. Just my two cents.

  3. My friends granddaughters boyfriend flies and maintains these drones defending the UK at RNAS Culdrose. We use them and as they are UK built rather than an import

  4. What a contrast of sorts on completely different levels. Inside the factory are hardworking law abiding people just trying to do a honest days work and then just above them on the roof you have got the complete opposite. They constantly cause trouble at this factory and partially due to our weak justice system seem to get away with it.

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