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Labour councillors in Burntwood have called for the area’s MP to apologise for calling a local teenager “a complete twat” on social media. Conservative MP Michael Fabricant made his comments to Darcy May, who had suggested he had neglected Burntwood. The 19-year-old said she had been “shocked and disappointed” by the Lichfield MP. Now Labour councillors in Burntwood have urged Mr Fabricant to make an apology.
Cllr Sue Woodward
Cllr Sue Woodward, who leads her party’s group on Lichfield District Council, said: “This is just appalling behaviour – the arrogance of the man! “This young woman has an interest in politics and is entitled to an opinion. She didn’t mention elections in Burntwood and should not then have the MP pile in and encourage his followers to do the same in order to belittle her. “This has shocked Darcy and her family, but I applaud them for standing up to this bullying. “So much for wanting young people to engage with politics.” Cllr Darren Ennis, who sits on Burntwood Town Council, also criticised the Conservative MP and urged him to “man up” and apologise. “This response doesn’t justify what he tweeted,” Cllr Ennis said. “Irrelevant of if she lives in Burntwood or Russia, we would want either no response or a professional response from our MP. “Mr Fabricant is in the public eye, he is our representative and his responses influences the opinions of people. Darcy hasn’t just been disgustingly insulted but this has led to other short minded people to attack her also. “Some quotes for Mr Fabricant – ‘lead by example to encourage and foster respect and tolerance’ and  ‘treat others in a professional and straightforward manner’. These are from his own party’s code of conduct. Where was your tolerance? Where is your professionalism? “Even when finding out she is one of his constituents, he will not accept his response was rash and unprofessional, and give an apology. “Man up, you are wrong.” Mr Fabricant said his response came after Darcy had been “rude” to him. “Darcy is one of over a million people who interact with me each month on Twitter one way or another,” he said. “Often, especially at election time, Momentum trolls from Glasgow and elsewhere purport to comment on events in Lichfield and Burntwood while knowing nothing about the area and having no connection with the area either.
Michael Fabricant
“Darcy made no attempt to explain on her Twitter profile or in her message what age she is, or that she actually lives anywhere near Burntwood. “Instead she chose to reply to a post of mine which said that Labour had had disappointing election results with her rude response: ‘Not as disappointing as Burntwood since you neglected it. WEAK AND WOBBLY’. No indication of anything else. For all I know she is a Russian troll in St Petersburg – there are plenty of those. “I do not neglect Burntwood nor were there any elections in Burntwood so her tweet was not only unpleasant, but inaccurate too. “Twitter is not like Facebook. It is not for those who are easily offended – unless they deliberately choose to be offended for political gain. ‘Snowflakes’ they are called. Labour activists love playing that game. “Having said that, if Darcy really is a constituent and makes contact with me in the proper way through my Parliamentary website or by letter, I would be more than happy to meet her and talk about politics – though the running of Burntwood is of course a local government matter. I do that all the time.”


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16 replies on “Burntwood Labour councillors call on Lichfield MP to apologise for “appalling” social media comments made to teenager”

  1. What the hell has any of that got to do with Darcy’s comments or your response to them, Mr Fabricant? Why don’t you just go away and have a little lie down until the next election, if you’re still in politics? No, I’m not a member of Momentum or the Labour Party. Not that I’d ever vote or do anything for your sick party.

  2. The bewigged, metrosexual oaf strikes again. Surely even the Tories can do better than this embarrassment of a being as their MP. A foul mouthed idiot in need of a public birching.

  3. pro labour moderation and comments here. the “lady” started to attack the man.
    Millemiums must learn that being abusive , is “not ok “

  4. Hi Dave, just to set the record straight, we’ve moderated comments on both sides of the argument for breaking our rules on abusive comments. It’s to be expected on such a lively issue, but any comments that don’t appear are for the reason outlined above. As you were.

  5. You’ve now got comments from both Lib Dem and Labour councillors however there’s a lack of comment by the local Conservative councillors, be good to get some balance and their thoughts?

    Separately I’d like to mention this isn’t the first time Michael has used this particularly word as he used it in 2013 on BBC WM to describe Russell Brand, the presenter was forced to apologise and Michael excitedly tweeted about the exchange.

    Paul Dadge
    Labour PPC Cannock Chase 2017

  6. And still he obfuscates, the finger on the pulse eludes him.

    She was not rude, she called him weak and wobbly, he came out swinging and got it utterly wrong, yet he still cannot see it.

    She’s young.

    She lives in Burntwood.

    She’s (politically) engaged.

    His response seems to be indicative of how the Tories treat the young, they’re a nuisance, unless there’s a camera. Bearing in mind, they 3 line whipped against reducing the voting age to 16.

    Something we’ve known for years, but here we are, the “purple rinse brigade” still keeps this charlatan in his job and Lichfield has them in abundance.

  7. I totally agree with Mr Fabricant standing up for himself against the rude “lady”.
    She has been shown to be rude and has shown little respect. He was right to stop her in her tracks, as it seems she feels it is her right to be be rude to any MP she chooses.
    This is not being politically active, this is bullying and rudeness.

  8. Dave, I’m sure Fabricant appreciates your sycophancy, however blind loyalty is not an endearing trait.

    She wasn’t rude, she was calling out Tory policy from May’s “strong and stable.”

  9. Darryl, stupidity is not an endearing trait either. She started out with being aggressive and rude, if you think that that is ok, it shows your sense of morality is askew.
    Mr Fabricant did not start being rude to the young “lady” , she was the aggressor. I hope she has learnt a lesson and will do the right thing and apologise to Mr Fabricant for her uncalled for outburst.

  10. Dave, or/and this is open to any member of the local Conservative party, the teenager “Darcy” mentioned Michael Fabricants neglect with regard to his MP duties and Burntwood, would you like to take the opportunity to prove her wrong and show us how often Michael Fabricant has represented a point of issue specifically for Burntwood in parliament, as far as I can see 2014 was the last time, quite rightly thanking David Cameron for a posthumous honour for another teenage Burntwood constituent, Stephen Sutton.
    That was four years ago, since then he has collected base MP pay of nearly £300,000 before other claimed expenses and will receive £77,379 base pay this year, all public money paid from our taxes.
    You would claim that Darcy is rude and has little respect, I think that she has every right to challenge his record in public office.

  11. I think people have your measure Dave, you’re single-handedly defending him, when he is being roundly criticised, across parties.

    People can read and they comprehend that this man lashed out at a young, female, voter from the constituency in question.

    It was out of order and he has been caught out, everything else is just waffle, like Johnson when he says “I’m sorry if anyone was offended,” that’s not an apology.

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