EXCLUSIVE: A number of swine flu cases have been confirmed at a Lichfield school.

King Edward VI School head teacher Kevin Maycock revealed the news on the school’s website.

The students affected are believed to be the first people in Lichfield to catch swine flu.

In a brief statement detailing that a “number of cases” had been confirmed in the student population, Mr Maycock informed parents that they would be receiving a letter containing advice on what to do if their children start showing symptoms of the disease.

He added:

“A number of cases of swine flu have been confirmed amongst our student population. I have informed the Strategic Health and Safety Service in Stafford of these cases and have been given clear advice as to how we should proceed. They have sent a letter for the school to distribute to you as parents/carers. It contains the advice for you to follow should you suspect that your son/daughter might have swine flu.

“If your son/daughter does present with the symptoms described in the letter, you should follow the advice contained in it and keep your child at home until your GP advises that they can return to school.”

However, despite the confirmed cases, Mr Maycock insisted there were no plans to close the school.

The head teacher explained:

“It is our intention to follow the advice received that the school should remain open. Should there be any change to this situation I will inform you immediately. Up to date information will be available on the school website.”

The latest swine flu information is available on the NHS website.

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