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People in Lichfield will get the chance to discuss local issues with Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner at a ‘supermarket surgery’ in the city.
Matthew Ellis
Matthew Ellis will be at Tesco on Church Street between 12noon and 1pm on Thursday (May 29), before heading to Waitrose on Darwin Park from 1.15pm to 2.15pm. He will then hold an open meeting at Lichfield District Council house in Frog Lane between 6pm and 7pm. “This is a great opportunity to find out what people in Lichfield and the surrounding areas have to say,” he said. “I want to hear what people’s experiences are of policing and the criminal justice system. “It’s not NHS, local authority, CPS or police money – it’s all public money. We must scrap silo thinking, work to common goals – spend better, achieve more. “How could things be done better to make sure the system fits the needs of people rather than people having to fit the system?” “These events give local people a chance to shape the future of policing and the criminal justice services for us all.”


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3 replies on “Chance for Lichfield residents to grill crime commissioner”

  1. If he can read this perhaps he could explain why it takes so long to update “”.

    “Victim phones in crime – it goes onto computer – item is updated as work is done on the crime – end of month computer prints info – at least that’s how it should work.”

    Is the extra month (we have not yet had Aprils data) needed to redact the info before its allowed to be seen by the plebs?

  2. Well I see we finally have April data but they have made it a bit more difficult to compare like with like.
    A very large increase in bicycle theft.
    Burglary up 14 percent
    Criminal damage and arson more than double last April.
    Drugs are shown as down but does anyone believe there is less drugs activity?
    They do show overall crime is down by three – has it taken two months to come to that decision?

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